Dance & Dementia

Upcoming Workshops:

Watch this space for dates and details of workshops.

If you would be interested in attending a workshop,  please let me know. It may be possible to arrange workshops in your area.

Workshops & Training

Training and workshops provide a learning environment for staff and volunteers to explore ways of using movement and dance with people affected by dementia. They include suggestions of music and props and an opportunity to practise skills learnt.

Training can be created and tailored to meet individual and organisational needs. It can include follow up sessions in your setting to assist in creating a regular movement group.

Please note: Training provided will give suggestions for therapeutic movement work, not psychotherapy, and attendees will not be qualified Dance Therapists following training. (Qualified Dance Therapists can benefit from attending workshops themselves for their professional development and to learn skills to use with this particular client group.) For information on professional Dance Therapy training, please refer to the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK.

Who might benefit from training?

* Care/ Support Staff and Volunteers

* Occupational Therapists

  1. *Arts Therapists

  2. *Allied Health Professionals

  3. *Creative Arts Practitioners

  4. *Anyone interested in developing and using these skills

“This workshop has encouraged me to stop hesitating about using dance and movement and just go for it”